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Discuss  February 15, 2014

Fun With Data & Maps

This actually happened in July of 2013, and I finally got around to learning more of the parts, storing the actual map data in Riak somewhere, and hosting the map bits on real servers so I could see how to properly deal with CORS and CSRF related issues.

The hackathon was focused on using Chigaco city data. During some downtime (my job was to help the attendees with technical questions), myself and another coach grabbed a bunch of the data people were working with and started seeing what we could do with it. After watching my partner convert the data from tabular format into JSON, and noticing geo spacial coordinates within, we decides to just make it into GeoJSON.

I then grabbed angular js, leaflet.js, marker cluster, and open street map.

A few ten’s of minutes later, I had mashed these together with the data the city gave us, and ended up with the simple map control below. Afterward, we had a few conversations with people on the Internet of Things, that left me feeling like I should know the client side application stuff better.

I particularly like the marker cluster combination effect at max zoom levels. This particular data set shows all the green spaces in the city. With a bit more effort it may be possible to reduce the amount of data pulled across if I can map it to access patterns that make sense for the changing zoom levels.

Will have to think & learn more on this.

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